ALV / CGS-8F Platform

ALV/CGS-8F Platform based Goniometer Systems

The ALV / CGS-8F Compact Goniometer is the common platform for a different, simultaneous multi-detection goniometer systems. Based on a rotary disk allowing finest angular steps to be performed (rather than a rotary arm) it can implement up to eight parallel detection angles seperated each by 17° in angular space from to allow simultaneous measurement of Static and Dynamic Light Scattering at state-of-the-art quality level. Using the ALV proprietary ALV-Static & Dynamic Enhancer, all goniometer systems ensure optimum light collection efficiency at extremely high angular definition, unreachable by standard pinhole - lens - pinhole detection optics.

Based on this platform, two products are offered, namely the ALV/CGS-8F/4 with four simulatenous detection channels and the ALV/CGS-8F/8 with eight simultaneous detection channels.


The ALV / CGS-8F can be delivered either integrated with 22 mW HeNe laser and four or eight high-QE APD-based parallel detectors or with customer supplied lasers (please contact ALV for a list of laser that can be integrated into the system).

All detectors are based on the ALV-Static & Dynamic Enhancer fiber-optical detector technology and separated to each other in 17°-steps (for eight detection angles) or 34° (for four detection channels) .In addition, the following options can be added:

  • Fiber-optical beam-splitter based pseudo-cross correlation detector
  • ALV/CRTU Cuvette Rotation/Translation Unit
  • Glan-Thomson analyzor for depolarized LS experiments (either for a single detector or for all parallel detectors)
  • High-temperature cell housing
  • ALV/SIPC-II based single photon detectors instead of APD-based detectors

Click here to download technical documentation about the ALV-Goniometer Series (PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher)

TechTalk ! will give you an introdcution in the ALV-Goniometer Alignment Principles


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