ALV/CGS-8 Goniometer Platform

   The ALV / CGS-8F

  • Without laser, laser to be integrated by the user. Several laser types (Ar-Ion, Nd-YAG ...), laser details are available on request
  • 8 pcs. optical detector using a near single mode fiber optical detection system, accessible scattering angle range of approx. 10 ... 153, minimum angular step is 0.003.
  • 1 x ALV / SO-SIPD detector operated in pseudo cross correlation mode using an optical beam splitter device
  • 7 x ALV-SIPC detector operated in auto correlation mode
  • 4-Quadrant Monitor Diode for laser beam monitorization in intensity and beam position
  • Pt-100 based sample temperature measurement
  • Wide attenuation range laser beam attenuator
  • ALV proprietary index matching vat with plan-parallel laser beam entry/exit windows
  • ALV-LSE-II, light scattering electronics including stepper motor driver, absolute encoder etc.
  • Numerous alignment tools (needles, dial-gauges, projection optics, etc.) - these, coupled with our ALV-WinAlign Software allows a deterministic and reproducable alignment of the goniometer in hours, rather than days, even for unskilled users !
  • Special, ALV-5000/E based 8 parallel input correlator, additional ALV-5000/FAST Tau Extension board for the ALV/SO-SIPD channel (12.5 ns initial sampling time)
  • ALV-Software System, including the latest version of the ALV-Correlator Control Software, ALV-Fit&Plot and ALV-WinAlign


  • Due to the 8 parallel scattering angles, ideally suited for time dependent measurements (e.g. aggregation, crystallization ...)
  • High Performance DLS & SLS in 10 mm outer diameter cylindrical cuvettes ! Up to 8 times faster than using a single scattering angle goniometer !
  • Due to the pseudo-cross correlation mode, ideal for the measurement of extremely fast fluctuations
  • Molecular Weight Determination, Virial Coefficient Determination
  • Diffusion Coefficient Determination
  • Particle Size Determination
  • Structure Factor and Form Factor Determination
  • Physics, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Polymers, Latex, Micells, Proteins, Peptides, Anorganic Material ...


  • Depolarized light scattering (additional Glan/Glan-Thomson prism, analyzor in compensated rotation mount)
  • High temperature cell housing (+5C ... +155C instead of +5C ... +55C)
  • Cuvette Rotation Unit to allow measurement of non-ergodic samples (e.g. gels)