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Langen, December 2011

As well as in the previous years, ALV kept the tradition of no longer sending Christmas greeting cards or small Christmas presents to our customers and business friends. We at ALV believe, that neither our customers, nor our business friends do at all long for a pencil that will fail after four weeks, a bottle of wine which at best will be used to make “Glühwein” etc. etc. - no matter if or if not the ALV logo is printed on it.

Likewise, and taking into account the amount of Christmas greeting cards one does remember after Christmas - despite the enormous number one receives - we believe that sending Christmas greeting cards is a favour mainly for the mail transportation companies and we do not see much reason for such a favour at all.

For these reasons, ALV decided several years ago already to save the money for sending greeting cards and to instead give donations of at least the amount required to send all the greeting cards and to purchase all the small Christmas presents.

This year again, we gave a donation to


    Deutschen Kinderherzzentrum Sankt Augustin e.V.
    D-53113 Bonn