ALV-Correlator Software

ALV-Correlator Software Version 3.0 (DEMO is here)

  • Compatible to all ALV-700X, ALV-5000/EPP, ALV-60X0 and ALV-5000/E Correlators (models from 1/98 on)
  • WINDOWS-2000/2003/XP/VISTA (32 bit)
  • P4-1 GHz or better, min. 512 MByte RAM, 2 GByte recommended, 1024 x 768 pixel graphics or better
    The software is compatible with Dual and Quad-Core CPUs
  • Allows full correlator control, display of all correlation experiment relevant data (correlation function, count rate trace, count rate histogram, distribution functions, residuals (is used with the ALV-CGS, as well temperature / time, laser intensity (beam stability) / time, count rates / scattering vector or scattering angle ... )
  • All graphical displays can be customized in axis scale (lin/log ...), color, character format, can be printed, data copied to the clipboard etc.
  • Includes full support for the ALV-CGS Systems (stepper motor control, temperature / laser intensity and beam stability measurement, attenuator control  ...), ALV-Cuvette Rotation/Translation Unit ...
  • In-built QuickSet for fast and easy experiment scheduling - including ALV based hardware control
  • In-built scripting tool (PASCAL based) and various APIs (Correlator, RS-232, File I/O, Port I/O, Printer ...) allow easy and fast experiment customization using non-ALV hardware. This can be adopted using scripts (stepper motors, waterbath circulator control etc.)
  • Data reduction algorithms for DLS, DWS and FCS implemented
  • Cumulant Analysis
  • Regularized Fit (g1(t) or g2(t) including high precision weighting scheme), 3D-display of distribution functions whenever a regularization strength sweep is used
  • Force-fitted Exponentials (1...4) and Stretched Exponentials (pure and mixed models)
  • Model Functions, such as Schulz distribution, double Schulz ...
  • DWS, backscattering with/without absorbtion, pure and mixed model including additional exponential
  • FCS, diffusion, 2D or 3D, one or two diffusions and triplet
  • Tab seperated ASCII file as data file format (can directly be imported to most other applications, such as EXCEL, ORIGIN ...), flexible autosave option