ALV-WinAlign, Goniometer Alignmnet Helper (DEMO is here)

  • Compatible to all ALV-700X, ALV-5000/EPP, ALV-60X0 and ALV-5000/E Correlators (models from 1/98 on)
  • WINDOWS-2000/2003/XP/VISTA (32 bit)
  • P4-1 GHz or better, min. 512 MByte RAM, 2 GByte recommended, 1024 x 768 pixel graphics or better
    The software is compatible with Dual and Quad-Core CPUs
  • Makes the alignment procedure of the ALV-CGS Systems a completely computer controlled process !
  • Guided and Expert mode, just depending on the skill of the user - Guided mode fully guides the user through the alignment process, step by step - Expert mode allows the user to select which part of the adjustment shall be performed
  • Automatic adjustment precision control - the software informs the user if an alignment was already precise enough or not.
  • Comprehensive figures show were to adjust what !!!
  • Inbuilt help system with vast number of figures, pictures and explanations of the adjustment ...
  • Makes the alignment a matter of hours, even for unskilled users !