ALV/CGS-3 MD Preview

 All details of the ALV/CGS-3 MD Goniometer System will be shown here soon !

In addition to the product features of the standard ALV/CGS-3 Goniometer System the preliminary product highlights are:

  • eight detector mounts separated by 16° each allowing (four and eight parallel detector configurations are supported)
  • 632 nm HeNe laser (22 mW, as shown on picture) or 532 nm NdYAG laser (50 mW)
  • APD or Channeltron PMT based single photon detection (APD for 632 nm HeNe laser)
  • single or dual ALV-7004 Multiple Tau Digital Real Time Correlator configuration for 4 or 8 parallel correlation functions
  • ALV-Correlator Software for Multi-Detector Goniometer Systems (for WINDOWS-2000/2003/XP/VISTA/7)